High Heel Boots

Sexy High Heel Boots from Jessica Simpson

High heel boots are sexy, flattering and versatile, but they are high heels, and as such, they can be uncomfortable and difficult to walk in. If you don't like, or aren't used to, sky-high stilettos, look for boots that feature slightly lower heels, chunky high heels, wedge heels, or platform soles that will help offset the height of the heel.

For example, these sexy Jessica Simpson boots feature heels of 4.5 inches. They're still too high for most women, and of course, care should always be taken when wearing any high heels. But because these heels are on the chunky side, and because the boots also feature 5." platform soles, they're not quite as daunting as boots with 4.5" stiletto heels -- even though they're every bit as sexy

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